Monday, March 28, 2016

Types of mushrooms were Consumables

After the previous discussion discuss about some of the benefits of mushroom, the discussion this time will discuss about some types of fungi that can be consumed. This type of fungus in general do tend to be very much there that can be consumed by those that can not be consumed toxic alias. Mushrooms are a source of food in it is rich in nutrients that are good for health.

Mushrooms are mengndung nutrients certainly fit into one type of fungus that can be consumed. Well for those of you who do not know anything, actually a type of fungus that can be consumed? Go see the discussion below!

Here type Fungus Can Be Consumed

Oyster mushroom

The oyster mushroom meruapakan one type of fungus that can be consumed. This fungus also known as shimeji. Oyster mushrooms have banyk nutrition in it is good for health. No wonder if this type of fungus widely consumed to obtain health benefits for the body. Physical characteristics of the oyster mushroom, among others such as stems hood similar to the shells of shellfish. For more cendrerung oyster mushroom color to cream color to white. Type of oyster mushrooms most tasty and delicious so many people liked. How interested mencicipin processed oyster mushrooms, which certainly has many benefits?

Button mushrooms

Button mushrooms are types of fungi next to you consume. This type of fungus is one type of fungus that is widely cultivated in the world. Then why is called the button mushrooms? This is because the shape, type of mushroom has a physical form such as buttons with rounded shapes with colors ranging from cream, brown, and white. This type of button mushrooms can be sold in the form of fungus that is still fresh condition as well as in the form of cans. Equally with this type of oyster mushrooms, for this type of button mushrooms also have many benefits for the health of the body. The content in it such as minerals, vitamins, fat-free, and many more.

Straw mushroom

This type of fungus that can be consumed next mushroom. Mushroom is also included as a fungus that is also widely produced in dunua. As for other titles from this mushroom is Amanita virgate. For the mushroom itself is very suitable to be cultivated in areas with tropical climates and sub tropics. Equally with both types of mushrooms on top, mushroom also has many benefits for the health of the body. This is because in it contains nutrients that are good for the body. Mushroom taste delicious.

Shitake mushrooms

For one type of fungus that is also produced various countries such as Japan, South Korea, and also China. For this fungus has been cultivated in 1940 in China. But traditionally Shitake mushrooms have been around since the year 900 in China. Shitake mushrooms are many types of processed into a wide variety of culinary delights and beneficial to health.

So before some types of fungi that can be consumed. Processed culinary mushroom does have a distinctive flavor with various mixtures of spice combinations. For other types of fungi that can be consumed as well as the type of fungus enokitake cultivated with the characteristic white color being shielded from the sun.


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