Friday, March 11, 2016

How to Choose the Right Memory Card for Smartphones

It is undeniable memory card into one of the components of the accessories required for those users smartphone. Because this time the use of a microSD memory card or storage can play a role in helping the various file whether it's a photo, video, and other files. This is certainly snagat help for those who have a small internal memory.
Perhaps there are many people assume that the memory card is only for the storage media only. But did you know that was a memory card has an important role in influencing the speed of smartphone you use. When selecting the memory, one can reduce the speed performance of the smartphone you are using. Therefore it is better for you to know how any way in choosing the right memory card for smartphones in the discussion below!
Here's How to Choose the Right Memory Card Smartphone
Viewing Physical Size
How to choose the right memory card on the smartphone first is to look at the physical size. Generally there are two types of memory card mini SD yakn which has a size of 21.5 x 200 mm and microSD which has a size of 11 x 20 mm. Well for those of you who want to buy a good idea to make sure in advance the type of memory card that can be used on your smartphone. Do not get when buying was not in accordance with what is required of your smartphone. but better tailor you buy a memory card that is sold with an SD adapter card that helps you in transferring data with other devices such as laptops.
Note the Data Storage Capacity
How to choose the right memory card next smartphone is by paying attention to the data storage capacity. Generally memory card for smartphones there are 3 types of SD Card, SDHC, and SDXC. For more types of smartphones using the SD Card are commonly used. This type has a FAT16 file format support, and also has a data storage capacity ranging from 32 MB up to 128 GB. Well for those of you who want to store large files, do not forget to choose a smartphone memory card with a capacity of greater size.
Selecting a Data Transfer Speed
The next way is to choose a data transfer rate that can help smartphone for more leverage. In general, the rate is different depending on the memory card with clas respectively. For indeed the fastest class 10 which reaches 10 MB / s or 66 times the speed. For other classes such as class 2 speeds only up to 2 MB / s, class 4 have the speed reaches 4 MB / s or the speed of 13 times, class 6 has a write speed of up to 6 MB / s or 30 times, and class 8 has a write speed minimum up to 8 MB / s or 40 times the speed. Of all the best class is indeed a class 10 which reached the minimum write speed of 10 MB / s or 66 times the speed.
Select Brand Quality
How to choose the latter is to choose a quality brand. Just like choosing other electronic goods, in choosing a memory card for smartphones should try for that has been known for its quality. That way you will feel satisfied when buying it. Currently there are many brands of memory card for smartphones that have big names with the qualities of them are like SanDisk, V-Gen, Transcend, and lots more. Also do not forget to view the warranty on the memory card.


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